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About Us

  • Market Gain is a leading research and investment advisory firm in India, The firm is one of the a dominant position in both Institutional and Retail. We have made an effort to bring you the top technical, fundamental basics of stock. We provide the Top Stock Tips.If you have doubts like ,Where to invest? When to invest? You've come to the proper place.
  • We maintain following policies:
  • 1. Taking care of clients' investment with us and ensuring them best returns.
  • 2. Ensuring that best services are offered to the clients.
  • 3. Continuously improving communication and reporting structure in the service.
  • 4. Effectively utilizing organization’s resources based on Research.
  • 5. We strictly follow the ethical business policies while growing our business.
  • 6. Improve communication and relationship with the clients and keep it as healthy as possible.
  • 7. The organization maintains and store records of its every single activity and keeps them consistent and proper.
  • 8. We respect the privacy of individuals (clients) and use, store, and manage their records as per the privacy policy.